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My name is Christian Heckle, and I am a fifth generation female farmer in the southern Alberta prairies with a passion for farming and photography. Thrifting, classic country music and road trips are just a few more of my favourite things. 

My favourite subjects to photograph: 

Bison! I adore these magnificent creatures. Their beauty and strength always puts me in awe. I am Métis and truly appreciate the fact my people relied on bison for survival for thousands of years.

Cows! Cows have been my favourite animal before I could speak . My first words were “moo cow”. I raise 150 head of Angus/Simmental cows with my family. I also have a Holstein, Longhorn, and a couple Highlands!  Registered Highland calves will be for sale fall 2025!  Most of the day you’ll find me hanging out with my lovely girls. I am much happier around cattle than I am people! 

Abandoned prairies! This might take the cake for my favourite subject to photograph. There are thousands of abandoned farmyards, churches and grain elevators spread across the Canadian prairies. I see the beauty in their vacantness. The wind howls through their cracked and falling down bones. I wonder what kind of lives were lived behind the walls. My soul belongs to another time. A time where life was a little slower and simpler. I escape to these places when I click the shutter on my camera, enchanted by these forsaken and forgotten homesteads. 

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